Ever wonder what it would look like if you crossed a tiger with a duck?

Look no more! Tiduckger combines various genres of music to bring you a taste of what looks something like growing up in the super rural parts of Ohio, then moving to the big city — which is a very short version of these musicians’ lives.

Check out Tiduckger’s live recording
at the Armstrong Press Room Recordings:

A little more…
Led by musicians Casey Smith (vocals, bass, guitar) and Amanda Egnot (percussion, lead guitar, vocals), Tiduckger makes all-original music that someone who doesn’t know what to do with it would describe as singer-songwriter.

If you’re looking for a better answer, go see Tiduckger in action to hear the genres they touch: folk, Americana, alternative, garage rock, classic country, psych rock, acoustic singer/songwriter, and (if you want to be pretentious) folk noir. From rockin’ guitar-driven bar shows to peaceful and moody yoga jams, Tiduckger is bound to have a song you love.

Even More
Check out some of Smith’s solo work here:

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