Gas Station Baby

Formerly doing business as “Tiduckger.” For some reason Tiduckger wasn’t an easy name for folks to remember. (Not sure why a brand new creature that was created from the love between a tiger and duck was so easy to forget, but I digress.)

In an effort to embrace our roots, we’re now doing musical business as Gas Station Baby — and yes, Smith really was born at a gas station in Middelport, Ohio. She was the only baby born in Meigs County that year because the rest weren’t born in the front seat of a Datsun at a Super America and delivered by a police officer. (All those other non-gas-station babies were (lamely) born at hospitals in counties that have those sorts of things.)

About Gas Station Baby

Led by musicians Casey Smith (vocals, bass, guitar) and Amanda Putnam (percussion, lead guitar, vocals), Gas Station Baby makes all-original music that someone who doesn’t know what to do with it would describe as singer-songwriter.

If you’re looking for a better answer, go see Gas Station Baby in action to hear the genres they touch: folk, blues, Americana, alternative, garage rock, classic country, psych rock, acoustic singer/songwriter, and (if you want to be pretentious) folk noir. From rockin’ guitar-driven bar shows to peaceful and moody yoga jams, Gas Station Baby is bound to have a song you’ll love.

Check out some of Smith’s solo work here:

Previously on Tiduckger

Ever wonder what it would look like if you crossed a tiger with a duck?

Look no more! Tiduckger combines various genres of music to bring you a taste of what looks something like growing up in the super rural parts of Ohio, then moving to the big city — which is a very short version of these musicians’ lives.

Check out Tiduckger’s live recording
at the Armstrong Press Room Recordings:

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